Oasis for Girls

Empowering Our Girls

San Francisco, California


Why SF Needs oasis

Recognizing the strengths of girls

We empower a distinct group of girls to recognize the strength of their diverse life experiences and lead the way for equitable, inclusive change.

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what we do

Oasis For Girls offers after school programs for young women, ages 14-18, from a variety of communities in San Francisco. Our girls are paid a stipend (like an after-school job!) to learn the skills they need to excel in their passions and gain access to resources across the Bay Area.

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the how

We provide a safe space at Oasis for Girls where programming helps girls stay connected to academic subjects, encourages them to explore new areas of interest, and lets them practice new skills with the support of positive adult allies. 

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the aha

We encourage girls to draw on their own diverse experiences through creative arts, women’s rights and life skills, and career and academic exploration.