How do girls find your programs?

Our Program Coordinators are active in our community promoting our programs across San Francisco public schools. We are an independent organization, not affiliated directly with any school in particular, so we serve girls who come from many schools in the SF Bay Area.

In addition to our program marketing (think like a school fair for after school clubs!), many of our girls come to us through word of mouth (from friends who have completed our programs). There is a really special loyalty among our girls that encourages friends to get involved.

How many girls do you serve each cycle? Each year?

How long are your program cycles?

The girls get paid—how does this work?

Is Oasis for Girls a physical space? Where are the programs held?

It depends on the cycle! For example, this quarter we have 70 girls! Usually we serve ~150 girls per year. (We have been operating for 20 year now…so that is nearly 2000 Oasis Grads!

Our programs span 8-11 weeks (depending on the time of year). Girls attend one program at a time and can attend all 3 programs sequentially, or spread out among their high-school years.

Our girls are paid to attend our programs (think: getting paid to learn, build a sisterhood, and discover your passions—amazing!). The girls are paid $300 for their first program, $400 for their second program, and $500 for their third program.

Yes! We have our own space in SOMA on Mission Street. Our girls come to the space for all three programs. We have many field trips and workshops offsite, but our home base is located at our Oasis for Girls space.

If I want to get involved, how can I help?

There are a few ways to get involved!

1. The most involved way is through our Advisory Board.

2. You can share your professional skills as a Community Ambassador (help with our events, provide a skill or hobby with our team)

3. We have a wish-list of items that we are always looking to fill for our girls (school supplies, food donated for events, feminine products etc)…if you are interested in donating goods, please let us know! (

4. Donations! We are supported by our community members like you and can always use your help. Please see our donate page for more info.