Our Mission

Oasis for Girls partners with young girls of color, aged 14-18, from under-resourced communities in San Francisco to cultivate the skills, knowledge, and confidence to discover their dreams and build strong futures.

How do we do it?

Oasis for Girls provides culturally relevant and gender-specific programs to empower girls and build sisterhood through shared experiences.

We offer 3 programs (girls attend one at a time)—each with a different curriculum. These programs span academic and career exploration, creative arts, and social justice. Our girls are taught and mentored by Program Directors who mirror our girls’ backgrounds and serve as allies throughout their high-school years and beyond.

We believe that comprehensive change in our communities starts with the girls being affected now. We arm our girls with the skills and resources to make positive change in their communities and beyond.

We are empowering Our Girls.

Enriching the lives of San Francisco’s girls, one dream at a time